about a stalker.

very good read!

I’m currently teaching Nick Hornsby’s “About a Boy” in my literature class, hence the title.

However, this entry is not about my literature class, but rather about a “stalker”.

Used in the loose sense of the term, but it got your attention, yes?  (mom, don’t freak out; really it’s okay.)

In re-telling this story I have to be quite careful with details, and names, and such.  So, I hope you can follow along.

About a week ago, (remember the word WEEK) I met a guy.  This was not totally haphazardly; however, for the sake of acrimoniously avoiding specific details, we will pretend I haphazardly met this guy.  When I was still living at Katya’s he messaged me online, asking if I wanted to walk around the city, see the sights, so on.  It seems that I have been asked this question by every person I meet, and they are always disappointed that I have already seen everything there is to see.  However, this is an inappropriate digression for this specific blog focus… Thus, I eventually accepted his offer, and we met up, walked around, went to a café, sat on the Volga’s boardwalk, drank beer, and had a really good conversation.

For this reason, I agreed to meet again.  We met a few more times before I really noticed anything odd.  Our most recent meeting got really shocked me and I began to worry.

[For background information, I have a tattoo of the word мир behind my ear, and it’s pretty hard to see until you’re starring at me while my hair is pulled up.]

So, I met him and he immediately wanted to show me something.  He takes down his hood and what does he have?  You guessed it – a tattoo.   It was horrible – one of the worst tattoos I’ve ever seen; perhaps I’m bias in this situation.  It’s in Turkish (which he doesn’t speak at all, he just knows that I am studying it).  And then the second word…. My name. At this point in time I just wanted to scream and run away; not an under-exaggeration. And folks, I am not joking – OH how I wish I was.  I think I told him a handful of times how stupid he was and asked if it was fake, and he kept saying “no, it’s real! it’s real!” and then saying ” no, it’s fake, but maybe it will stay on for a month, or maybe one year, or maybe forever.  so its real”.  And he kept asking me if I liked it.  LIKED IT?!!? WTF. NO!  Within the next half hour, while I suddenly got “really tired and started to feel sick” he talked about all these crazy things, like going to America, something about the word eternity, and a lot of other freaky bullshit that made me want to gag. He asked for my schedule so he could know when to call and hang out.  Yeah, no thanks. I maintain my own schedule, thank you very much.  Eventually he asked me what window in the dormitory was mine.  Why?  He wanted to stand below it and sing songs.  So I lied and then downright told him that he will not find out.  Oh! and the other day, I told him I probably couldn’t hang out because I had a lot of work to do (this wasn’t even a lie!).  I ended up going to a student concert/produciton and wasn’t home.  I checked my phone mid-way through the concert and I had a text message that said “I am waiting outside the dorm for you.”  Creepy?  Anyone?  Very glad I went to that concert.

Do you remember the word in the beginning?  WEEK. That’s how long we’ve known each other.


Needless to say, I attempted to have a very STRONG conversation with him yesterday.  I sat “attempt” because he really didn’t listen, or try to understand, and kept asking me these very annoying questions, and I had to continuously repeat myself, while he continuously refused to ignore what I was saying.  Even more needless to say, I will be avoiding him for the foreseeable future.

So the moral of my story is… when embarrassing things like this happen to you, you can tell your friends about it; then your friends can use your story in their next English lesson, and draw pictures to illustrate the events.

6 thoughts on “about a stalker.

  1. You got my interest about the book which I totally enjoyed….. but the stalker part….. oh NO!!! Sounds like a movie….. You have run into all sorts of people and it has only been 5 weeks or something…… I think a book on the characters you meet would be a gem!!

  2. [For background information, I have a tattoo of the word мир behind my ear, and it’s pretty hard to see until you’re starring at me while my hair is pulled up.] Or when you’re sitting behind you, 4 hours a day, 5 days a week for 8 weeks in a row.

    • Sometimes I fill the downtime in my lessons with personal narratives – cleverly gleaned from the blogs of other ETA’s. Thanks Rikki! Keep the good stuff coming – or I’ll actually have to teach!


  3. I’m concerned. Let me know if you need reinforcements. 😉
    Haha.. law library and classic civ.. I see how it is (stealing my schedule eh?).

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