real life

It’s not as though my life has had nothing exciting to offer and thus, nothing to blog about.  Rather life has reached a sort of satisfactory even-keel pace.  Granted, things get cancelled, mornings get darker, my bed gets warmer, so on and so forth, but for the most part, things are currently excellent, excellent indeed.  Thus, I’ll recap on a few stories and events from the recent past:

1) С праздником мил (ahhem) полиция.  Last week Russia, well a small very “self-loving” part of Russia celebrated their own holiday: Police Day.  For average Russians this day is sort of ironic.  Police go out, get hammered, and then, well they’re the police, so they drive themselves home, trumping the “zero tolerance” rule that they typically enforce.

On this day, I met up with another American who was in town for business, and he invited me out for dinner with his Russian colleague, Slava.  Slava suggested we go to this great Azerbaijani restaurant, famous for its lamb kebab.  He called ahead of time and discovered that it was “Police Day” and they were celebrating in this restaurant.  No matter, we would go anyways.  We had a great lamb kebab with a vegetable and cheese plate and we washed it down with red wine and vodka.  Furthermore, we had great entertainment: watching Russian police men get hammered drunk and attempt to dance to American pop songs.  Generally watching Russians dance to American pop songs is a great form of entertainment; this was even better, as they were police!

Furthermore, Slava told great stories about his friendship with the American, as they’ve known each other for five years.  He was trying to tell one story and he asked Royce (the American):

Slava: “you remember that little car you had?”
Royce: “ehm, what one?  I’ve had a few different ones.”
Slava: “you know!  that little one!”
Royce: “hmmm… no, I’m not sure what one you’re talking about.”
Slava: “That little car you drive on your lawn!”
Royce: “ohhhhh my tractor!

Yes, Slava loved Royce’s little car that he drove on his lawn. fantastic.

2) Talent shows. Russians loveeeee love love their talent shows.  Last week there was a “First Year Talent” show, where the groups from the first year showed each other their talents. I’m not going to get started on this, because I could rant about it for hours upon hours, with not much good to say. However, there was a few funny skits and one of my students did a great job at recreating a Beatles song.  Not connected with this particular  talent show, but very impressively talented, was the video a group of my students made.  When I first started teaching their class we had the theme “theater”.  Since I know very little about theater, and it’s more of a Russian-cultural based theme and their head teacher can do a way better job than I ever could at effectively teaching them terminology, I decided to work with the film/musical “Hairspray”. I personally love this movie and after watching it in September, I concluded it wouldn’t be too difficult for my students to understand linguistically and would be very interesting culturally.  We spent one month, breaking down the film, answering questions, discussing cultural themes, and writing skits.  They then created their own skit, based on the Hairspray characters. As if I wasn’t already proud enough, they surprisingly put together the following video, which they showed at the beginning of the skit:

3.) DACHA! I had my last visit to the Dacha, for this season at least.  I went over the holiday weekend with my colleague and her family.  We had sashlik, drank wine, helped rake leaves, played volleyball, and made a small fire.  The fresh air was wonderful, and I’m glad I got to spend the last beautiful fall day outdoors.  Pictures:


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