oh the junk you’ll bring


Don’t you really hate when you just have those great moments when you’ve written everything you want to say and then BAM something happens and you loose everything that you’ve just written, which is everything you just wanted to say and now you can’t quite write what you’ve just written and you can quite remember those good words you just said.   This just happened to me and I am angry.

My reasons for hating the Frankfurt airport are steadily increasing.

Take 2: (internet time: five mintues; cost for one hour of internet: 5 euros; total time: 1 hour. Time I spent looking for an outlet (working one): 15 minutes.)  The above shit is what I shoved into my bag.  And yes, it really is shit.  I mean I have two games of Apples to Apples, the entire series of LOTR books, including the Hobbit, Ranch Dressing, maple syrup, its blueberry equivalent, gum and chocolate, not to mention two boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats, four boxes of cheesy Dollar Store Valentines which I intend to distribute to my students, a mini projector, a new text book, two T-shirts, some plate, some plaque thingies with cute little sayings… sigh.

I’m well prepared to play Santa Claus.

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