Oh hayyyy, Norway!

I’m currently in Norway spending five days with one of my close friends. I’ve spent all five days in Oslo, mainly because I don’t really have the time and means, meaning money, to travel far outside the city. However, after being in Oslo I will definitely be back sometime in the summer to further explore Norway and enjoy Oslo in the sun.

Oslo’s great. I love it, as well as Norwegians and their life styles. I’ve spent a ton of time walking around the city, which is exactly what Norwegians do, walk. They love being outside, no matter what the weather and the T-Bane, or metro is crowded with cross country skiers. if you ride the T-bane out of the city, you exit to forests and woods patches for skiing, hiking, and sledding. Oslo is also neat because the city center is pretty low, in terms of sea level and as you go outside of the city you continuously go uphill. If you go out side the center, you can feel, as you leave the T-bane that it’s relatively colder there and the air is a bit fresher.


This is the shore of Norway. On the left is their new opera house, which I believe is quite new and gorgeous on both the inside and out, the “roof” is tilted and open for people to just walk on and sit on. I declined, as I probably would have slipped down the building on my ass.

Ive had an amazing time so far, just relaxing, walking around and enjoying Oslo, and hanging out with Therese and her friends, who have all been so welcoming. Also, I commissioned Therese’s grandma to make me a true Norweigan sweater:


Until we meet again, Norway (I’ll wear the sweater often).

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