Timeline of time

Yesterday at 1230pm I was riding down a big hill just outside Norway on a sledge, or sled. We slid down for ten minutes, as Therese and I dug our feet into the ground to slow ourselves down. Then we rode the tbane another fifteen minutes back up to the top of the hill and headed back down again.

430 pm I was eating pizza from a corner Carls Bergen Plass kebab restaurant.

630 pm I was at the gorgeous Norway airport drinking an accidentally 22 dollar beer.

130 am I landed in Moscow, Sheremetovo airport hoping to find my friend and fellow Fulbrighter, Logan. I passed through passport control with the same exact woman who checked me in a week ago at a different airport on the other side of the city… She looked at my picture and laughed. Quickest Russian passport control, ever. I call a supposedly legit taxi company that really is not a taxi company at all and fail to hail a cab.

145 am I couldn’t find Logan and we tried to communicate through Skype as he called me from the men’s bathroom.

200 am I finally meet Logan at his terminal… Same airport but 15 minutes away by car… Price: $30 dollars

215 am Logan and I give into the pressure of the taxi driver because we’re exhausted and hungry… Price: $40

300 am we finally arrive to the hotel but must walk around three times until we actual find check-in

310 am we venture across the street to the gas station to attempt to buy snacks and two beers. Fail.

315 we’re finally registered

330 we succeed in finding a 24 hour produkti, buy beers, and a cheap pizza and successfully wake up Gary

630 am we’re all still up working on presentations and talking about nothing

645 am we start Princess Bride

800 am we finish Princess Bride, freshen up, get breakfast and go to sessions

10 am we listen to a lecture by an IU professor regarding the up and coming Russian elections

11 am Geoff and I set off to stop by my friends and pick up some of my essentials, like shower stuff

140 pm We finally return, hoping to make lunch after getting lost, walking for over a half hour and riding the metro quite thoroughly. I obviously thought I knew where I was going. We walk into the middle of a presentation; they had pushed lunch back.

315 I’m sitting in another presentation on Russian art and cultural heritage/history. I haven’t slept. I travelled three hours ahead in time after five days ago when I travelled nine hours ahead and then three hours back the next day. My feet are wet from the soles of my shoes practically detaching from the boot. I’m in Russia. I’m exhausted.

2 thoughts on “Timeline of time

  1. Uh, whoa. Condolences. Two questions: 1. How does one accidentally buy a $22 beer? I once bought a $25 gin and tonic in an airport but I knew what I was getting into. 2. What IU Professor?

    • yeah didn’t do that conversion until the American sitting across from me told every person he called about the $22 beer he was drinking. And IU.. I do believe her name was Cynthia Ehrlich.

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