Cupid hit Astrakhan head on

I suppose Valentine’s Day, from a pedological perspective is a great excuse to exercise your creative juices.  Consider them exercised, overlooking of course the lack of students due to bad (-4) weather and extended (two week) quarantines.

Valentine Day’s Eve I stayed up way past my bedtime filling out Valentine’s Day Cards, which I brought from America, to give out to my students.  I was hoping to see lots of familiar faces today, and so I filled them all out, hoping to give them all away.  It was great fun, reading corny Harry Potter and Toy Story punch lines and filling cards with mini-tattoos and stickers.  I doubt my students would have gotten as big of kick out of it as I did, and naturally I only ended up giving away twenty.  Then, I made two hand-made Valentines for an exchange Angelika and I set up in her class.  Angelika made cookies, and I dumped boxes of sweetheart candies into a give away bag.






My day started with horrible technological problems and I was stressed out by 845am.  I arrived a frustratingly seven minutes late to the first class: a small private group of four students in the 7th and 8th grades.  My presentation didn’t work, so I proceded to just lecture a bit about Valentine’s cards, specifically the ones I brought from America and their traditions.  Then we filled out lovey-dovey MadLibs, which they throughly enjoyed and I had them make Valentine’s for their mothers.  I was really shocked at their creativity.  One kid made this really sweet card where he glued sweethearts and candy (you can sort of see it below) and a matching magnificent envelope, where he glued together two pages and rolled down the first one, creating sort of a scroll.

Next was a university class with Angelika.  We read poems, one student even wrote his own, exchanged valentines, talked about love and first dates, and filled out more adult-like MadLibs.  Interestingly enough the theme was a Love Letter and most of the letters were “sent” to the shyest girl in the class.  Overall we had a great time and I think they enjoyed it quite a bit.





My Valentine’s Day ended with a trip to the circus, accompanied by my British friend.  We fully enjoyed the show, which was this eclectic mix of costumes, actors, and a display on LSD.   We topped off the circus by toasting at the local pub to her last night.

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