why every one should remain a child at heart…

Today this little boy and his grandma got on my marshrutka.  There was a seat next to me and across from me.  The older woman sat next to me, and the little boy jumped up excited on the seat across from me and tightly grasped onto the handle attached to the back door.  While looking out the window, he told everyone in the marshrutka about the ambulance behind us, and how one time when he drove past the hospital he saw so many ambulances!  When it was time to get off, grandma called out for the driver to stop. The boy however wanted to go to the store first, so he told the driver to stop at the store.  Everyone chuckled and the boy utter a loud thank you when they exited.

Almost simultaneously, another couple got on with their son.  For awhile he was riding silently, bouncing around in his winter onsie and cute hat with a bear on it.  Then the dad switched seats to sit across from him.  The boy immediately got agitated and started to wiggle off his mom’s lap.  He ran from mom to dad and started bawling, sobbing, so loud.  Then, the nice babushkas and older ladies on the marshrutkas just looked at him, I swear they did it all at once and that was it – the boy stopped and stared at them.  The ladies then complimented him, “aw what a good boy!” “such a good little boy!”  and we all started giggling; then the boy started giggling, and the entire marshrutka was laughing.

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