Russia: where nothing ever goes according to plan.

Things happen in Russia that don’t need to happen; but they just do, whether you like it or not.

Our washing machine is located in our kitchen. So I went to do laundry, and opened the door, of course. Our kitchen door has no handle, so you can’t shut it too hard or you have to stick your finger into the key hole and pull to open it, which kind of sucks. However, today both big windows in the kitchen were open and a hefty breeze was coming through (though I don’t know how, as I’m two windows down and have NO breeze). So I walk in, close the door, and put my laundry in, start the machine, all as I usually do. I go to leave and realize the door is stuck, really stuck. I try to pull at it with my finger, no luck. I try these little rubber pieces to the laundry machine, no luck. I try a chair leg, didn’t fit. Of course our kitchen has nothing helpful and no one really uses it except to smoke, boil milk, and now do laundry (we just got machines maybe in March.. Oh and get this, they had machines all throughout the dorm last year and at the end of the year they took them away, hoping the students would forget about them so that the ladies working in the dorm could just take them home. Oh the stories we have from this damn dorm..) SO, I sort of waited, starting to get a bit worried because I realized I could be stuck there forever, until someone came in to smoke at midnight… Thankful the migrant workers saved me. They’re remodeling the room next to the kitchen for an Iranian family that’s coming. They walked by and I yelled for them to please open the door. They pushed it open and the look on their faces was so confused and even a bit scared. I thanked them gratefully. I will now excuse their loud, obnoxious drilling at all, yet random hours and days.

In other news I have major mosquito bites all over my body. The Mosquitos here are some breed of crazy and can supposedly bite through clothing, which I now fully believe. It doesn’t help that outside our dorm the water pipe has a major leak, and I mean like a fluid stream coming out of it. It’s been leaking since Feb, which probably explains our lack of hot water. But recently, it’s become the hot spot for mosquito reproduction. Yesterday they “worked” on it for a bit and now it just drips. #progress

Friday night we went to this beer pong tournament at a local bar and hung out with the local hipsters, average age: 21. If anything, the last few months here have made me feel really old and I seem to find myself at events like these with people way younger than me. Also, these people do not know how to play beer pong, or more like they do not follow any rules including the elbow rule; they practically were shooting from half table, defeating so many purposes of the game. Us foreigners were playing and they kept trying to move the our cups, in the middle of our game. I did a bit of yelling. They also had these really crappy tables; on one it was written “Astrakhan Association of Beer Pong”. This place is killing me.

Saturday we went to one of the clubs, where I had my last moment of endurance for the same twenty songs that clubs, or the DJs put on repeat. Then they brought all the local “journalists” on stage, thanking them for their wonderful pictures. All at once they all started snapping away, flashing lights everywhere. This was hilarious, mainly because Russians have a good obsession with photography, taking pictures of everything, everywhere. There’s this one company throughout Russia called Geometria, and they attend all local events taking nine million pictures. You can’t avoid them if you want to, and often you do.


Paparazzi in Dair

Sunday I went to one of my student’s house and her mom taught me how to make Borscht… Watch out America, Borscht is coming..

Monday I gave away four bags and one suitcase of my belongs to a homeless shelter.
There’s still more to give away.

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