Leaving Astrakhan…

It hasn’t really hit me that I’m leaving yet. Perhaps because things have been so crazy recently. Ive downsized my things to two boxes that I’m sending home and a suitcase and a half of belongings. I gave away five bags and a suitcase things.

I spent an hour at the post office just to mail two boxes. It’s these sort of things that really exhaust you, even if you’re just standing in line.. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

Last marshrutka ride in Astrakhan. Last taxi ride. Last walk in the Naberezhnaya… I mean perhaps not my very last but more or less its really weird, and if I were to come back, things will never be exactly as they are now.

I’ve concluded that I hate these exchanges. I mean it’s a great opportunity to see a place that you maybe would have never even dreamed of going to. But then you get here, and you get used to it, and as much as you really hate certain aspects of the city or of life here, you more or less get used to it. However, the worst part of it all are the people. You come here, you meet people and shove them into your life, and vice versa and then time flies by and the next thing you know you’re ripped out of there lives and they out of yours. Just like that. And it all happens so fast and time, life gives you no time to react to this or to fight it. You sit there saying, “this is it”, wishing you would have done more; done things a bit differently. Of course you can’t dwell on this, but nevertheless you do.. It’s inevitable. Fuck this is it.

On a much lighter note, I must keep in mind that I’m off on new adventures and to do other things, meet other people, and well have this same kind of experience all over again.

Next up: Cherepovets, a small city located between Moscow and St Petersburg, a bit to the east. Famous for…


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